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Divine Vision Cash Crop Farmers Ltd (DVCCFLTD) was established as a company on June 25,2018 to grow and promote rubber industry in Nigeria. It is a business relationship with rubber farmer group with 8000 members to undertake massive production of rubber latex as a backup. This is to supplement the produce from the company to sustain its envisage processing plants in rubber by-products such as tyres, tubes, gums etc  

The Company is still in plantation stage and hope to quickly establish its processing plants by the third year and have all structure in place as it has secured sufficient land for the purpose. The Company is still its infantile and will soon grow to maturity before long.

Divine vision Board of Directors

Our Vision

To improve the economy of Nigeria and secure global relevance through total exploration of the rubber value chain.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for the provision of employment opportunities for many youths who will be engaged in the development of the rubber value chain.

Exceptional Expertise

Best Rubber Supplier

The history of Divine Vision Cash Crop Farmers Limited dated back to year 2015 when the Chairman/ CEO, Evangelist Oluwatosin Jeremiah called together people of like minds to float an association called Oshogbo Divine Vision Cash Crop Farmers and Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd to present some farmers for anchor borrowers programme organized by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The focus was to go into cassava and soy beans planting with the aim of securing more sources of revenue for member.

However while sourcing for good land for these arable crops, the Chairman came across an abandoned expanse of  local rubber plantation in Ara, Osun State. Having been from  a rubber producing area, Ayila in Ogun State, he remebered that rubber is Bush Gold and is money, and consequently sold the idea of going into rubber project to members of the cooperative society which was inanimously accepted by the group.

With resolution to go into the industry the cooperative society agreed to register the cooperative as a company on June 2,2018 as, “Divine Vision Cash Crop Farmers Limited”.

The economic viability of rubber was publicized with a view to secure more members for the company to speed up the vision to get the industry well established in the country.


Years Of Experience

Spring brings plants to your environment


Yards of Land

Spring brings plants to your environment

Our Director

Evangelist Oluwatosin Jeremaiah


Prince Adeyokunnu Adeniyi Oluwole

Managing Director

Amb. ALO Solomon Adejuyigbe

Director of Finance

Joseph Femi Oyeniyi

Director of Agriculture