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Planting is initiated by neatly clearing the site for the seed to be planted and if the seeds are not the hybrid type they can budded while still standing to transform it to a high yielding hybrid which produces more latex than the local ones.

Another mode of planting is to produce shooted stumps for rapid growth.

There are many species or varieties such as IRCA 331, IRCA 41, REM 41, REM 600.

The Company has a nursery and budding wood farm established to facilitate the planting of rubber and also used them for training of staff.


A Rubber tree is a tropical plant that luxuriates in tropical rain forest regions of the world of which Nigeria is fortunate to have.

It is a tree that produces latex which is milky and colloidal substance. It is internationally accepted for its rich value chain and abundant by products. It is highly profitable and ranks after air, water and crude oil.


The Rubber plant is scientifically called Hevea brasiliensis and it is a popular tree of high economic value. It produces latex which is thoroughly processed to produce tyres, car bumpers, erasers, safety boots, safety gloves, balls, weavon, footmats, cases of hansets, computer and television etc. Rubber trees in a plantation contributes to the stability of the ecosystem by absorbing Carbon iv oxide (Carbon dioxide)and releasing oxygen, conserves soil water, acts as wind – breakers etc.


An hectare of land can contain 555 rubber trees and it takes five to six years of nurturing before it is matured for tapping. It can be tapped for 30 productive years and another 15 years though with dwindling revenue.

In its productive years, revenue from an hectare of rubber goes thus :

Density of rubber trees per hectare = 555

Quantity of latex: kg of latex per tree/per month = 4kg

Pessimistic price/litre/kg of latex = #300

Pessimistic price/litre/kg of latex per month = #300 x 4kg = #1,200

Pessimistic price/litre/kg of latex per month = #1,200 x 555

Revenue per hectare /month = #666,000

Expenditure per hectare/month = #160,000

Profit per hectare per month = #506,000